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Definition: Hazing is an activity that a high-status member orders other members to engage in or suggests that theyengage in that in some way humbles a newcomer who lacks the power to resist because he or she wants to gain admission into a group. Hazing can be noncriminal,but it is nearly always against the rules of an institution, team or Greek group. It can be criminal, which means that a state statute has been violated.This usually occurs when a pledging-related activity results in gross physical injury or death. There is, of course, hazing simply for the sadistic pleasureof an individual hazer or some hazing organizations, as well as hazing meant to exclude a potential member or drive away an existing member such as the Zeta Beta Tau hazing of Ben Klein at Alfred University that played a role in his suicide. The Klein case shows us where hazing is actually better termed bullying. One of the common causes of deathsby hazing is what I call reckless hazing: hazers, in the misguided name of tradition, flaunting all good risk management principles to have a potentialnew member “earn” membership. The drowning deaths of Chad Meredith at the University of Miami and Gabe Higgins for the Texas Cowboys spirit group at the University of Texas are good examples of “reckless hazing.” --Hank Nuwer
Hank Nuwer
wrote his first hazing article for Human Behavior magazine on the importance of bystander intervention following the death of a football player (1975) at the University of Nevada where he was a graduate student. He began a hazing listserv and began tracking hazing deaths in 1995 while an adjunct professor (1995-2008) for the Indiana University School of Journalism (IUPUI campus). He has edited The Hazing Reader (Indiana University Press), the only anthology of hazing articles written by many of the best-known hazing experts.  He also has written Wrongs of Passage for Indiana University Press; High School Hazing for Scholastic and Broken Pledges: the Deadly Rite of Hazing, whose 20-year anniversary was celebrated at a Hazing Taskforce held at the University of Maine in 2009. Nuwer was awarded an honorary doctorate at the 2006 Buffalo State graduate commencement as he received the honor from the State University of New York.

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Last updated December 22, 2013

Chad Meredith, Hank NuwerNew from my Franklin College journalism students: The Chad Meredith Story (video).

Hank Nuwer sons of the dawnNew Book by Hank Nuwer:
Sons of the Dawn: A Basque Odyssey

Hazing practices involving senior fraternity pledges have killed men at Cal-Irvine, Lenoir-Rhyne, Frostburg State University and now Baruch College.

Police say hazing still possible in David Shannon death at University of North Carolina.

NPR hazing "Morning Edition" with Cornell President Skorton, etc.

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Hank NuwerNew 2014, Sons of the Dawn: A Basque Odyssey.

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