College Sorority Hazing

1. Delta Delta Delta
University of Wisconsin

Five Delta members at the University of Wisconsin were kicked out of  the chapter for hazing. The offense was a scavenger hunt.

2. Pi Beta Phi (sorority)
Duke University
Serious hazing allegation dropped by judicial board

Pi Beta Phi sorority escaped hazing allegations (though punished for lesser transgressions) that newly named pledges had to drink
and go home while some were intoxicated on a cold night in February. The sorority is also under investigation regarding allegations
of risky drinking during a mixer with a fraternity.
Although nearly all state laws say that the consent of victims in hazing is to be ignored, Duke’s judicial board ruled otherwise and
let the sorority off  the hook. But the verdict acknowledged that the incident had occurred, further strengthening demands by
anti-hazing activists that want no serious incidents handled by campus judicial boards.

3. University of Cincinnati
Kappa Alpha Theta

The chapter president was removed from office and the sorority was suspended after being found guilty by the national and college
of minor hazing offenses.

4. Syracuse University
Alpha Omicron Pi Under Investigation
School and national sorority officials suspended the chapter followng the hospitalizations of two intoxicated Alpha Omicron Pi
sorority pledges. The school determined the incident was hazing-related. The incident occurred at an off-house site. Several other
pledges had also been drinking with members.

5. Ohio University
Chi Omega

The Ohio chapter of Chi Omega was found guilty of hazing by a panhellenic judicial group on campus.

6. University of Richmond
    Kappa Alpha Theta

The female fraternity conformed that hazing had occurred at UR, and said that such actions were out of sync with the group's
mission and ideals.

7. Vanderbilt University
    Kappa Alpha Theta

The female fraternity conformed that hazing had occurred in its Vanderbilt chapter.

8. Sam Houston State
    Chi Omega

A sorority pledge alleges that she was severely hazed at this Texas college. Her mother, a member of another national sorority, says
that her daughter's initiation was cult-like.

Louisiana Tech University
Kappa Delta and Phi Mu
Non-criminal initiation

Two sororities have accepted self -punishment for very low-level hazing--making members wear sill
    clothing. No one was physically harmed. Delta Sigma Theta was found not guilty of hazing after a school investigation.

Plattsburgh State (NY)
Sorority allegations

Under investigation for alleged participation in athletic hazing with men's hockey members.