College Fraternity

1. Phi Delta Theta
University of Virginia

As allegations of hazing surfaced in the college newspaper, university officials revoked recognition of the Phi Delta Theta chapter.
The national has been a leader in the dry house movement.

2. Tau Kappa Epsilon
University of Houston

A grand jury is considering allegations that the fraternity stole costly statues from a Catholic church. The national is still reeling
after the deaths (car hit partygoers) of students attending a TKE party (located on a very busy highway)  at Texas A & M in 1999.

3. Sigma Nu
Washington State University

Police alleged that a young man found bound and tied in a fraternity house while a fire burned elsewhere in the building should be
considered hazing under state statutes.  The fraternity adviser denied hazing occurred, saying the incident was a prank. The fire was
caused by a candle that rolled under a couch.

4. Kansas State University
Delta Tau Delta

A campus judicial organization found Delta Tau Delta guilty of three counts of hazing.

5. George Washington University
Sigma Chi

The national suspended its chapter after a “reverse hazing” in which pledges taped a member.

6. University of Michigan
Alpha Epsilon Pi

After the national fraternity and university took harsh action after a member shot  a pledge in the groin with a BB gun during a
perverse 1999 initiation, the chapter folded. (Not on chart—1999 incident).

7. University of Illinois
Phi Kappa Tau

University officials acted quickly after members apparently allowed “pledge moms” to drink with pledges, resulting in
hospitalizations. The suspension is for two years.

University of Michigan
Delta Sigma Phi fraternity

Unlike Sigma Chi national which booted out its George Washington chapter for pledges hazing a member, the Delta Sigma Phi
national allowed its UM chapter to get away with a similar incident—unpunished. The decision flies in the face of harsh actions
taken against pledge hazing elsewhere. A large number of members have died in incidents where pledges haze members, including
University of Texas, Eastern Illinois University (sorority) and Mississippi State.  (This ruling means this incident is officially a
non-hazing and not on chart. )  A death occurred in 2000 at the University of Georgia in which a member allegedly was being
kidnaped by pledges.

8. Indiana University
Delta Chi
Injured pledge

Indiana University’s  Delta Chi chapter is under investigation for possible hazing when a pledge was hospitalized after drinking a
large amount of alcohol in 1999.

9. North Carolina State
Sigma Alpha Mu

A traditional road trip (7-mile hike)  in the Pisgah National Forest (North Carolina) proved to be a hazardous experience for the
fraternity’s pledges; they had to be rescued by a search team.  Road trips are considered hazing by most, if not all, national

10.  University of Florida
Phi Delta Theta

The Univ. of Florida Phi Delta Theta chapter may have flaunted its disregard for its national's
 reformist dry movement this week. A pledge (new member) was found tied to a tree, covered with inked epithets and partially
disrobed. He had been drinking.

11. Union College (New York)
Dropped hazing investigation has repercussions
Delta Upsilon

After a Delta Upsilon pledge retracted his story about a 1999 drinking and assault with firecrackers incident, Union College had to
accept the story at face value. But in 2,000, reformers on campus banned pledging for first-year students at the school.

12. Muhlenberg College (Pennsylvania)
Alpha Tau Omega
physical hazing

Although  ATO at Muhlenberg dodged a big bullet when the movie Frat House was dropped by HBO after it was learned fraternity
members were only acting out hazing scenes, it now has been punished severely by school officials who determined that hazing
was tolerated by the chapter.

13. North Texas University
Theta Chi
Defying hazing prohibitions of well over a decade from the national, Theta Chi was punished by the school for hazing, but Texas
authorities said their actions were non-criminal.

 Hofstra football fraternity (local). See athletic hazing above. Not included in fraternity totals.

University of Maryland
Fraternity Incident

A student was bound in a sheep barn in an incident officials have termed a prank, not hazing.

Ohio State University
Kappa Sigma

The national fraternity revoked the charter of its OSU  chaper for hazing and non-compliance with rules of the national.

Ferris State (Michigan)
Knights of College Leadership

Stephen Petz, 19, died with a blood alcohol content of .42 in a house rented by this local fraternity for Hell Week. The fraternity
to be part of a national fraternity.ore coming to the house. A photograph showed alcohol being poured into the pledge's mouth.
Members delayed at least 10 minutes before getting the victim help.

University of Michigan
Zeta Beta Tau

The chapter is under national and university scrutiny for alleged hazing.
Why does the national office of ZBT prohibit housecleaning by pledges (without member assistance in normal cleaning)? The
reason came clear after a member, unhappy with a pledge's cleaning, sprayed him with bleach. The pledge was injured and may
have permanent scars.

Emory University
Kappa Alpha

A non-criminal hazing incident that allegedly occurred in February is under investigation.

Iona University (New York)
(Dec. 1999 death leads to charges in 2000; put in 1999 listings)
Sigma Tau Omega

Kevin Lawless died in December during pledging. Police charged brothers of the chapter
with numerous misdemeanor charges, including hazing, in April 2000. (They later were sentenced to perform community service).
He died with a blood alcohol content of .34 in combination with a heart defect, said the coroner. The chapter was operating without
school sanction because of a previous ban for misconduct.

University of Georgia
Alpha Tau Omega

Activists call pledge sneaks a type of hazing. ATO called the death of a member on an apparent pledge sneak a "road trip gone
wrong."  The dead youth was Ben Folsom Grantham III. The university charged the chapter with hazing. Pledges have been
indicted on charges, although not on hazing charges.

Indiana University
Sigma Alpha Mu
Chapter bounced for hazing

Sigma Alpha Mu stripped its IU chapter of Greek letters and ordered the chapter to
move out.

Pi Kappa Phi
Roanoke College
Hazing allegations

Roanoke College and the Pi Kappa Phi national (which has a zero tolerance
toward hazing) are looking into allegations that hazing occurred in 2000.

University of North Texas
Theta Chi
Alcohol-related hazing
  Police charged 6  fraternity members with alcohol-related

Alfred University
Delta Sigma Phi
Hazing suspension

The school suspended the chapter for one year for hazing.

University of Georgia
Chi Phi
Hazing allegations

The chapter was investigated for hazing; members were found not guilty.

Kappa Alpha Psi
Georgia Institute of Technology
Hazing Punished

Kappa Alpha Psi at Georgia Tech was found guilt

y of hazing.

Phi Beta Sigma
University of Arkansas at Monticello
Physical hazing

Six members were hit with battery charges after a pledge was hospitalized for fifteen days following a
paddling.  Six were convicted on battery charges.

28. Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Florida State University

The chapter lost its charter for at least four years after hazing pledges--including a community college student ineligible to rush.

Pi Kappa Alpha
University of Texas at Arlington
hazing (Occurred 1999, reported 2000)

Pike's national yanked its Arlington chapter for three years for hazing and other violations of national's rules. Pledges were
knocked down with fire hoses.

Sigma Chi
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Cal Poly San Louis Obispo yanked this chapter's right to be on campus for 25 years. The action was taken in 2000 for 1999 hazing and serious alcohol violations.

Kappa Sigma
Southeastern Louisiana University
Alcohol and hazing

 A Kappa Sigma fraternity pledge's fall from the
Southeastern Louisiana University Student Union is under scrutiny by
District Attorney Scott Perrilloux.  Freshman pledge Jason Bonura was seriously  injured and had a BAC of .267..
The fraternity was placed on probation for three years.

Texas A & M
Sigma Nu

The chapter was suspended for six counts of hazing and additional alcohol charges.

University of Georgia
Acropolis (a sort of fraternal spirit group made up of Greeks from various nationals)
Non-criminal hazing

Months after a fraternity member died following a pledge sneak at Georgia, five Acropolis
members and initiates were stopped by police because two were blindfolded.

San Diego State U.
Beta Theta Pi
Hazing allegations

An oft in-trouble chapter belonging to a national and a university known as refrormers in the hazing
movement is facing serious charges after several pledges quit amongst charges that they were
coerced into drinking alcohol. If found guilty, expulsions could follow.

Florida State University
Phi Kappa Psi
hazing (alcohol-related)

Fraternity members in a U-Haul were arrested by the Leon County Sheriff's Office
for drinking violations (underage possession of alcohol and providing alcohol to a minor) in
October. A similar escapade resulted in a fatal accident at the University of Virginia. A 21-year-old
student was treated for alcohol poisoning.

Northern Illinois University
KEG (unrecognized fraternity and Alpha Phi sorority)
Engagement ceremonony (hazing or disorderly conduct)

A recently engaged man was covered in human waste and other slop in front of his intended's
sorority house. The university is investigating as hazing or, if voluntary as claimed, disorderly
conduct. Either way, suspensions or expulsions could result. Northern Illinois has a zero tolerance
policy toward hazing.

Fairleigh Dickinson University (NJ)
Alcohol and Hazing (Tau Kappa Epsilon)
November 2000

Two TKE pledges, 18 and 20, were hospitalized and at least eight other pledges and members were sick and covered in vomit
during a hazing at an off-campus FDU residence. The hazing also included the swallowing of goldfish and paddling. Charged with
hazing,  providing alcohol to minors, and maintaining a nuisance were members  Michael Brewer, 21; Joel Kraus, 20; and Joseph
Stonbely. Stonebely had been in the news weeks earlier after a stabbing occurred at an out-of-control party at the same house.

Chico State (California)
Pi Kappa Phi
Alcohol death of a pledge

Three members will serve 30-day sentences in the death of a pledge, Adrian Heideman, an actor and popular student on campus.
The death occurred in spite of attempts by the student affairs staff to increase awareness about alcohol deaths.
The 911 call is below:
Three members received jail sentences of 30 days each.

University of Georgia
Kappa Alpha
Alcohol overdose

A pledge was taken to a hospital after consuming an overdose of alcohol. Members were punished for misleading school officials.
Also a violation. members from another school, Truett-McDonennel were present. Pledges with below-standard grade-point
averages also were initiated in violation of university rules.

Sigma Nu
University of Arkansas

The chapter's charter was revoked by the national organization. Expensive property of pledges had been damaged while they were
sent out on a trip.

University of Washington
Zeta Psi
Suicide questioned by parents

The parents of Asian-American Peter Nguyen questioned if he would have been stong enough to kill himself on a piece of weight
equipment in the house. Police allowed fraternity members to dispose of the equipment, upsetting the parents who thought the
equipment might be valuable as evidence.

University of Southern California
Beta Omega Phi

The chapter was suspended for harsh physical hazing. University officials said members tried to deceive them about the incident.
Members apologized for their actions.

University of Georgia
Kappa Alpha
Close call

The chapter was punished after a pledge nealy drank himself to death.

Old Dominion (Virginia)
Alpha Tau Omega
Pledge death

Terry Stirling, 19, died following drinking off-campus and at the fraternity house. A lawsuit was filed by the family against the fraternity.

University of Arizona
Phi Delta Theta
hazing civil suit

After James T. Haley died in a
motorcycle,  his family launched a civil suit, claiming he had been fed drinks by the chapter as part of a pledging requirement.


Washington and Jefferson University
Lambda Chi Alpha and Kappa Sigma
Hazing brings end to these chapters

The governing bodies of Lambda Chi Alpha and Kappa Sigma revoked the
W&J chapter charters in response to a college investigation finding hazing and alcohol violations.

(end of 2000) 

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